November 29, 2022
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2021/22 school year concludes with plenty of fun

With the past two years being anything but normal due to the pandemic, schools in Morgan County were excited to be able to resume their traditional end-of-the-year activities.

Mountain Green Elementary first graders took a field trip to Warrior Rizen Ranch in Porterville. While there, they rotated through five stations learning about how bees make honey, how to use a greenhouse to grow vegetables and they were able to plant their own seed to take with them. They were able to take a wagon ride pulled by a tractor, learned how to rope, groom horses and learned about chickens and cows. After each class made it through the five stations, they enjoyed lunch on the lawn.

First grade was also rewarded with bubble day, beach day and ice cream day depending on how much they read during the month. “Each of these days had fun learning activities that centered around each theme,” commented Becky Thurston, a first-grade teacher at the school. The students and staff also participated in a field day outside with various outdoor activities and popsicles. “The last day of school we cleaned, then gave out personalized ‘candy bar’ awards and played ‘minute to win it’ games to end a wonderful year full of engagement, learning and fun activities to help us become self-motivated lifelong learners!” said Thurston.

MGES second graders had the opportunity to earn a movie ticket and treats through the minutes they read. Students, with the help of their parents, built cars to sit in to simulate a drive-in movie theatre. They were able to buy popcorn, small candy bars and bubble gum. As they earned more reading points, they were able to earn a game.

Fourth graders at MGES had a Greek Day to culminate their Greek Mythology unit. To finish up their Mountain Man unit, they had a field trip to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer museum in Morgan.

Kindergarten at Morgan Elementary School had a fabulous end to their year in May, according to kindergarten teacher Laylene Dicou. Performing their Kindergarten Program, formerly known as Pops Party, family members of Kindergartners were invited to come watch. They went to the Hogle Zoo and had a fun Park Day with 12 games they rotated through with the help of parents. During the month of April, they started an exciting Alphabet Countdown that ended on their last day of school May 18. “Our Countdown included exciting topics with learning activities to increase our literacy and numeracy skills,” said Dicou. Topics included Cowboy/Cowgirl Day, Pigeon Day, Ocean Day, Quest Day, Robot Day, Unicorns and UFOs Day, Volcano Day and Wild Things (“Where the Wild Things Are”) Day. Dicou concluded, “Morgan Elementary has amazing students!”

The first graders at MES had an end-of-year musical performance about camping. They sang songs about camping, the outdoors and “I Love America.” Michaela Moser, the music teacher at MES said, “They did a fantastic job and were so fun!”

Third graders at MES performed their annual “We Are Amazing Program” which they have been performing for nearly a decade. Morgan Elementary was the first school to perform this program in 2012. They held their Mother’s Day Tea, inviting mothers to join their third graders to celebrate Mother’s Day. They held their grade store where they had the opportunity to spend classroom money they had earned. 

Fourth graders at MES also had a field trip to the DUP museum that correlated with their Mountain Man unit.

Everyone participated in the school-wide Field Day and a goodbye assembly for principal Andy Jensen who took a new Human Resource position with the district.

Fifth graders at Morgan Middle School resumed their tradition of hiking to the M which according to fifth-grade teacher, Jessica Hammer, “is a huge feat for some of our kiddos!” The traditional kickball tournament between the fifth-grade students and the teacher is always a favorite with the teachers winning 19-10.

Sixth graders at MMS held their annual sixth-grade rocket launch day that culminates the study of space that is part of the sixth-grade science core. This activity started 20 years ago when the ‘Rocket Man’ Fred Olsen donated his time to come to the school to launch rockets as a STEM activity. Students have the option to buy and build a rocket to launch. Olsen passed away in May of 2020 and his friend Kim Nelson took over as the new Rocket Man in 2021. According to sixth-grade teacher Dana Wilde, this activity would not be possible without the many parent volunteers that have helped over the years. “The students always enjoy this day,” commented Wilde.

Later that same day the sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students participated in a dance while the fifth graders had a party.

The yearly traditional talent show took place in the high school auditorium while simultaneously saying goodbye to principal Renn Hoopes who retired at the end of the school year.

MGMS 5th grade program

Students who were eligible for the end-of-year achievement day activity for the last term of the year had the opportunity to go to a fun center in Kaysville.

Mountain Green Middle School fifth graders worked all year on their Great American project. Memorizing the capitals, states and presidents to memorizing and writing the Pledge of Allegiance in cursive. Throughout the year students worked on learning songs about America from the national anthem, “Preamble to the Constitution,” “This Land is Your Land” to the ever favorite “I’m Proud to be an American.” The culminating event is the “Great American Program” where students perform songs and spoken words for their parents. At the end of the program, students were awarded either the Grand America Award for completing six to seven of the tasks or the Great America Reward for completing all eight tasks.

 The fifth graders had the opportunity to participate in Bike Utah. Bike Utah is a nonprofit organization that travels around to Utah Schools to teach bike safety. The three-day activity involves first learning about safety rules of riding a bike along with traffic rules. On the second day, students practice riding in the school’s empty parking lot with miniature road signs to make sure they all know how to follow the rules before going on a bike ride through an adjacent neighborhood on the last day.

Warrior Rizen Ranch also hosted the MGMS fifth grader for a field trip with the same rotations MGES participated in early in May. With the help of Kara Weight, the fifth grade students and teacher had a fun morning learning to line dance.

Sixth-graders at MGMS also learned about rockets. After building miniature rockets in STEM class they had a fun time launching them in the back of the school.

MGMS FACS class participated in Cupcake Wars where teachers and staff at the school were able to vote for their favorite. The winners were: first place, Watermelon and Flowers; second place, Dolphin Tales and third place, Beach Blast and Summer Lovin’.

Science Olympiad, consisting of seventh and eighth-grade State Champions, participated at Nationals which were held virtually by Caltech in California. 

Students who were eligible for the end of the year achievement activity went to a fun center in Syracuse. Seventh and eighth graders were able to participate in their last dance of the school year. All students participated in field day on the second to the last day of school with the help of several parents setting up activities in the morning and movies being enjoyed in the afternoon.

Morgan High School students stay busy throughout the month of May. All clubs and organizations were recognized for their activities and achievements they had during the last trimester of the school year. Morgan Made students were announced at this assembly and prizes were given out to those whose names were picked out of a drawing.

Choirs and Bands from both MMS and MHS had their final band concerts where seniors were recognized and honored. Clubs and organizations such as OVATION!, Debate, Theatre, Sign Language Club and Cardboard Club held their final banquet or activity for the year.

Last Chance Dance was held the first weekend of May with the theme Glow in the Dark. Most students go stag to this dance but some find it their last chance to ask someone special to go with them.

Senior loaded buses on the 17th  to attend graduation practice at the Dee Event Center in preparation for the big event coming up.  The next day was the last assembly of the year where they held a spirit bowl. Each class was assigned a color to wear; freshman, pink; sophomores, white; juniors, blue and seniors, black. Thursday night students gathered for one last movie night. Seniors’ last day of school was May 20 and traditional sluff week would commence during the following week. However, before school was out for the day the student body had lunch on the football field, sponsored by the SBOs

While seniors do not attend class during the last week of school, they still had a full week of activities. Senior Sunset was held on football Monday. At the beginning of the year, they have a Senior Sunrise to start their year and Senior Sunset to conclude their year. One hundred seventy-five seniors graduated from seminary in a tri-stake event on Tuesday. Wednesday was senior service day. Cleaned headstones at the two cemeteries in Morgan. Once the project was completed lunch from Chick-fil-A was served and yearbooks were distributed to seniors. Later that night was the end-of-year stomp for the entire student body.

In preparation for the traditional M lighting for the night of graduation, a selected number of students hauled paint and lights up the steep mountain to illuminate the M.

The last day of school for the district was May 26. Yearbooks were distributed at all schools with yearbook signing taking place. The end of school for 2021-2022 was signaled at each school by the traditional honking of the buses as they left the school with students and teachers waving their final goodbyes.

Finally, the day that seniors had worked 13 years for was finally upon them. Graduation Day was held May 27 at the Dee Event Center at Weber State University where nearly 260 seniors graduated from MHS. To read more about the commencement ceremony go to

Later that night the annual Operation Graduation was held from 10 p.m. to 1 p.m. at a fun center in Syracuse. The operation Graduation committee worked hard to raise funds throughout the year with a booth at the fair to collect clothes from the community. With activities, food, a hypnotist, prizes and cash, it was a memorable event as the seniors of MHS spent their last night together before going their separate ways.

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