August 9, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Britt McFarlane retires from MES after 17 years of teaching

Britt McFarlane was born in the small town of Holbrook, Arizona. After graduating from high school, McFarlane went on to Eastern Arizona College earning an associate degree. She completed her education degree with a major in education and a specialty in science at Brigham Young University.

Before starting her teaching career in 2006, McFarlane chose to stay home and raise her four children. 

In 2005, she started teaching at Morgan Elementary School, teaching second-grade for ten years. Lisa Butikofer who taught second grade with McFarlane said, “Britt was my mentor when I first started at Morgan Elementary. We worked together my whole career at Morgan Elementary. Britt was an excellent teacher and mentor.”

Bobby Eddy, who did half of her student teaching with McFarlane in second grade said, “She taught me so much and I still use it 10 years later and was wonderful with my son (who was taught by McFarlane in fourth grade). All of her students are so blessed to have been in her class. We are so grateful for all she has done!”

A former second-grade student said, “She was such a great teacher. Everything she did promoted a positive learning environment.”  

McFarlane move on to teach fourth grade where she taught for seven years. “I have enjoyed each one of my work opportunities,” McFarlane said, “but I like teaching the most as it brings me great joy in getting to know the personality of each child in my class, to see them learn, grow and discover the richness of life.” She loves children and is grateful for the opportunity to help them through this phase of life. She said she is immensely satisfied when children come back to her class after they have left and share about what they’re doing.

Teri Christensen, a fellow fourth-grade teacher said, “She was my room partner! She was a real team player and willing to share her knowledge freely. That’s sometimes hard to find.”

Another fellow fourth-grade teacher, Doug Curfew said, “Britt epitomized love for all children and was super patient with each one. She exemplified gentleness and kindness in every regard.”

“She was a great teacher and always looked for the best in everyone,” said a former fourth-grade student. The parent of this student commented that while her student could be challenging at times, McFarlane always showed compassion for the student. “She was always willing to work with my student to help him make good choices and do the very best in all they did.”

“Throughout my teaching career my co-workers and students have enriched my life in profound ways,” said Britt. “I have laughed with them, cried with them, worried about them and celebrated with them. Most importantly I learned alongside them. We made mistakes and learned. We learned and were successful. We tried to learn that doing something hard was an accomplishment, not something to be dreaded. We discovered that change can be good, and life is about changes. I have loved my experience at Morgan Elementary School and those who I have had the privilege of working with and the students I have had in my class. I will always look back on my teaching years with fondness and there will always be a piece of my heart that belongs to Morgan Elementary.

“Life has a way of creeping up on you and it is hard to believe that time for retirement is here and I will be leaving the teaching environment. However, I am excited to experience this new chapter of my life. I look forward to exploring and learning new things, being “grandma” and spending more time with my family.  Though I will miss teaching, the kids, and those I work with, I am excited about this new phase of life.”

Verlene Johnson - Schools Editor
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