November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Commission Meeting for August 2022

Tuesday, August 16, 2022, Morgan County held an in-person planning commission meeting in the city council room located at 90 W. Young Street along with a work session starting at 6 p.m.

The council discussed four different items during the meeting. First was the

historical overlay zone façade review for the historic Vallis Hotel located at 177 North

Commercial Street. Second was the conditional use permit review of existing permits

with a new submittal proposal for the use of Outdoor Storage-Innovative Solutions

located at 375 East 400 North. Third was the temporary conditional use permit-outdoor

storage for finished inventory-Innovative Solutions located at 464 North Industrial Park

Road. Fourth was the discussion of Accessory Dwelling Units.

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Nathan McCellan. The members of the council in attendance were Mark Francis, Lance Prescott, Erin Bott, Ray Little, Dan Dickson, and Jasson Ackett attended via zoom.

McCellan began by welcoming those in attendance. He advised the group that

the meeting will be a video as well as an audio recording. The video and audio are on

the Morgan City website as well as their YouTube account. It will be a permanent

record, also located on the website. The council then discussed the items in question.

The Vallis Hotel has always been a noteworthy landmark of Commercial Street, and

citizens anxiously await the final decision of Morgan City when it comes to the historic

building in question. The council will continue to discuss permits and accessory dwellings for Morgan City.

Ethan Hoffmann - Student Intern
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