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County Commission Candidate: Blaine Fackrell

Blaine Fackrell is the incumbent, running for re-election for the County Commissioner at Large, Seat B.

Fackrell was born in Salt Lake City and at the age of 11, moved to Bountiful. While living in Bountiful, it was still rural with dairies, sheep ranchers, produce farms, and other agriculture. Fackrell remembers being able to bicycle into his grandparents’ house by the University of Utah and back again without his parents worrying about whether he was safe. This said, Fackrell feels he knows what life should be like for Morgan.

After graduating from Bountiful High in 1973 and upon returning from a mission in Ecuador in 1975, Fackrell’s family had moved to Morgan. It was where he fell in love with the area and met and married a Morgan native. Now, Fackrell and his wife are the parents of two daughters and five grandchildren, all of whom live in Morgan County. Fackrell graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Range Science and a minor in Animal Science. 

Fackrell has had a variety of experiences which includes being a previous store manager, district manager, and training manager for Winchell’s Donut House for seven years, earning top honors as a district manager for 3 years in a row. He worked for the US Postal Service as a Rural Carrier in Centerville and Coalville where he retired in 2018 after serving as a union steward for five years. Fackrell also raises a specialty breed of cattle, called Piedmontese. With that same farm, Fackrell, his dad, and uncle started Fackrell Farms, LLC and sold natural, organic, grass-fed beef to stores and the home market all over the USA.  

After Fackrell’s successes with Winchell’s Donut House, Fackrell went back to USU and received a teaching certificate in secondary education where he became an Agriculture and FFA teacher/advisor with Morgan School District, which he loved doing and helping students achieve more of their potential through the FFA program. Also, in Fackrell’s 27 plus years career at the Morgan School District, he became the Director of the Adult Education Program for Morgan and Rich Counties. Asked by the State Adult Education Director to teach other students in other areas of the state that were having trouble with making their schedules match so they could get their diplomas, Fackrell started an online teaching program called distance learning, created long before it was forced to be done because of Covid.  Fackrell was on the State Adult Education Advisory Board as the representative for the Rural Adult Education programs for many years. Fackrell asserts he knows how advisory boards should work. Therefore, since taking office as a county commissioner 17 months ago, Fackrell has started 2 different advisory boards, besides continuing with other boards, so citizens can have a say in the things that go on in the county. 

Fackrell states he has always thought and listened to others about how things can be done better by thinking ‘outside the box’. Fackrell also shares that he has been able to use his expertise to help Morgan County move forward and is still trying to keep it rural.  

“Balance is the key to Morgan. Insight and knowledge and experience is vital to Morgan County,” says Fackrell. “My challenge is to keep Morgan County beautiful, rural, and allow structured growth. Nothing will stay the same, because we have grown up. However, working together, we can help make Morgan the place to live, play, work, and give us a place for our children and grandchildren to grow some more.”

Olivia Rees - Government Editor
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