November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Follow up on the recently awarded business grants

To support economic growth in Morgan County, the Morgan County Commission recently approved the distribution of the Morgan County Grant funds to six businesses with a history of growth, community involvement and who also presented a plan on how they could use the grant funds to continue their growth. The six recipient businesses are The Weight Room, Boonies, Morgan Valley Craft, Deb’s Spicy Pie, Brighten Blades, and Grounds for Coffee.

“We want to congratulate these amazing local businesses and their owners as the recipients of the Summer 2022 Morgan County Grant,” said Andrew Willis with the Business Resource Center (BRC). “We thank everyone for supporting these local business owners and encourage you to continue to support them as well as the other great businesses in Morgan County.”

“This grant means that we can fund new equipment to then be able to add more athletes in each session, thus allowing us to help and develop more athletes in our Weight Room. This means a lot because we are very grateful to have full groups in our sessions which leads to large waitlists, so we will be happy to get some more athletes in each group looking to better themselves and improve their potential,” enthused the Jose and Kenzy Patino who are the owners of The Weight Room. When they find themselves struggling with the difficulties of owning their own business, the Patinos find that this quote helps carry them through, “Do what others won’t, so that later you can do what others can’t.” With this grant, The Weight Room is looking to add equipment that would make the space the most efficient for all the athletes.

Melissa Platt, owner of Morgan Valley Crafts, shared, “We learned a few things about customer needs during COVID. If we were to continue our business successes, we would need to implement some changes to our hours of business, communication with our customers and offer better ways to order, pay and pick-up orders. Morgan Valley Crafts is in the process of setting up an on-line order and pay system. This will allow customers to order, up-load files and pay for their orders through our secure website, with in-store pick-up. The grant will help in assisting us in the initial set-up of the improved website with online ordering

Diane Carver with Brighten Blades commented, “This grant is incredible! As a new start up business, we are using every bit of our money to get inventory. Most new businesses selling items run into this issue but it has been particularly challenging at this time with global supply chain and delivery issues.  It has been important that we can keep our customers supplied with our pretty knives.  Every dollar we receive gets put back into the business to get more inventory. One of the major areas that we have been lacking in is good quality photographs that can be used in a multitude of different ways. A few examples would be for our website, as well as our customers’ websites, social media, and POP. We are looking forward to working with Matt Barr, a Morgan resident, to get quality photos, videos and gifs.”

After going from online to rented space, having a physical location has given Boonies the opportunity to carry additional products that were not previously available due to the online only status. Owner Lance Hancock shared, “We now carry products for camping, backpacking, fishing, some trailer gear, and other great outdoor products. We now offer rentals for kayaks, paddle boards and hopefully tubes soon. We appreciate all the support and love being a part of this great community! As a small business, the additional resources the grant provides will help expand what we offer to the community and to those visiting our beautiful valley.”

All the recipients commented about the valuable support and help that they received from the free business counseling offered by Willis and the BRC as well as the monthly Women in Business, the 5 Week Business Seminar, the Meet the Money People events among others. Most of the recipients commented about how much their Morgan Chamber of Commerce membership had helped them to grow by connecting them with other local businesses. 

Morgan Valley Crafts. The BRC here in Morgan has been a great asset and much appreciated resource for our business. Even before we owned Morgan Valley Crafts, we had help and guidance from Andrew and his team at the BRC.” 

“The BRC has been a huge help for our business,” shared the Pantino’s. “From the beginning before we opened our doors, they offered great insight and have continued to support us with knowledge to continue to grow and only allows us to help all our athletes and The Weight Room family. 

Boonies “

Carver enthused, “Andrew is fantastic at supporting small businesses. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Likewise, Hancock commented, “The BRC helped us identify the steps we needed to take in order to get our company on the right track for success. It’s always nice to have someone in your corner rooting for you to succeed!”

The business tips from these successful local businesses are as follows: Learn from every experience you have. Focus on what your customers need. Treat your employees right and they will take care of your customers. Be willing to change personally and professionally. Support local events and priorities. Build a solid operational foundation. Become an important part of the community. Use all of the resources available to help your business to grow, including the BRC and other support available. Determination and resilience will help you overcome the challenges and struggles that you face; it will not come easily, but it is worth it most days. Always learn new things. Ask the BRC about Custom Fit funds which will reimburse part of the cost of training yourself and your employees. 

Olivia Rees - Government Editor
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