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Getting to know our Public Works Department

The Morgan County Public Works Department has a broad spectrum of city property they maintain and manage for the community. It ranges from city roads, right of ways, community parks, the county and courthouse building, fairgrounds, along with a large fleet of plow trucks, pickup trucks, lawn equipment, etc. Any tool or piece of machinery used to maintain city property in Morgan County, falls under the Public Works blanket. They are busy people! Bret Heiner, Public Works Director, has been overseeing the Morgan County Public Works Department for the past four years. With six permanent employees and six part-time employees, Bret tells his staff, “You’ve gotta be able to do a lot of stuff.” Public Work employees double as truck drivers, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and equipment operators. “We wear a lot of hats,” Bret jokes. 

Members of the community might remember the fire that wiped out the Public Works building back in December 2020. John Hansen, Road Supervisor for the department, was the employee who spotted the fire and called it into emergency services. “I had left work a short time before the fire started. Gone home and drove past the shop a few minutes later just after the fire started, still unaware of what was going on. I began smelling smoke and saw it coming from the building. I flipped around on State St and saw that the building was on fire.” Morgan County Fire was quick to respond and put the flames to rest quickly. Bret remembers the incident and its effects, both positive and negative, vividly. “We lost the entire office and we’re without a home base for over a year. We brought in a temporary office and worked out of that until the new building was finished.” He also recalls the generosity from departments across the state. “The Public Works Department from Utah County sent up two trucks with a no-return label attached. When our trucks were finally replaced months later, I had to do some serious research on who sent the trucks up and who wanted them back because I had no clue who did it.” 

The Public Works Department is located just off State St at 380 North Industrial Drive. Their hours are Monday- Thursday 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bret and his crew are always available for calls in regards to needs throughout the community. They take pride in keeping Morgan County in tip-top shape!

Cait Streadbeck
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