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Jennifer Hobson MHS teacher spotlight

Jennifer Hobson grew up in Plain City, Utah, graduating from Weber High School. She served in the National Guard for six years.

She later attended Weber State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English Teaching and a minor in Sociology. While there, she played Rugby for two seasons.

Hobson began her teaching career at Morgan High School in the fall of 2019 teaching ninth and 11th grade English along with a robotics class for the Davis Technology Center.  

 When asked why she became a teacher she said, “My childhood was a mess and school was my safe space. I had friends at school and teachers who cared about me. I was also part of the band program. I loved being a part of something. I became a teacher because I hope that I can provide a safe space for students. I am the mentor for the Gay Straight Alliance and I work to provide these students with a caring support system because some of them do not have that at home and are bullied at school. If I have helped just one student feel supported and loved, I have succeeded.”

Hobson loves the relationships she has with her students. “When they come into my classroom and share their day with me, I am filled with joy. I also love being able to share a subject I am passionate about. I appreciate how English can be used to teach so many different concepts.”

Although she is in the process of moving out of Morgan, she has lived here for fifteen years. She is currently engaged to be married next spring. She has two kids, a 12-year-old daughter who runs cross country and loves to read. She says her two-year-old son is a little crazy man that loves to smile and laugh. 

While she doesn’t have much free time between teaching and working part-time at a local store, Hobson loves to hang out with her family and traveling every chance she gets. “I have been all around the states and have been outside of the country a few times,” she said. 

Verlene Johnson - Schools Editor
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