November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050
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May: National Preservation Month

Gravestone Cleaning

In connection with National Preservation Month and in preparation for Memorial Day, on May 7, a group of Morgan residents met on the South Morgan Cemetery for a demonstration of the proper methods for preserving and cleaning gravestones. The event was organized by Morgan Daughters of Utah pioneer members. Amy Barry, Utah Cemeteries Program Manager from the Utah State History Department gave the demonstration and provided useful information.

“There are many gravestones in Morgan that are in need of care. We should preserve what is left of our ancestors and show them respect by caring for their gravestones,” said Nell Nickerson, DUP member. “One concern is some of the stones that were assembled with metal pegs that are no longer secure making the gravestones in danger of tipping over.”

Barry spoke about the different types of stone used for gravestones in Morgan County and provided materials for the project. She had two different type of cleaners for each stone. After demonstrating the proper method of cleaning granite, several of the attendees gave it a try. The hard water stains were not difficult to remove.

Marble stones require a different method. The cleaner is easy to apply and takes several months of waiting for the stone to regain its original color. Mossy growth has adhered to some stones and the process does not have an instant result as the moss roots grow into the stone.

“Although it was a windy, chilly day, there were about 12 people in attendance and we all learned a lot. If anyone has questions about what we learned, please contact a member of the DUP.” Said Nickerson.

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