November 29, 2022
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MHS students participate in a national competition

Skills USA is a weeklong competition held in Atlanta, Georgia, with approximately 12,000 competitors from around the country, all who have won state titles in their respective fields. Everyone that made it to nationals took gold at state. Two students from Morgan High School had the opportunity to participate this year. The event was held June 2-23 with the team competing on the 23rd. 

Wyatt Carpenter, a student at Morgan High School, and his teammate, a recently graduated senior, from MHS were both trained by Davis Technical College in the early morning stem courses offered at MHS. Carpenter took part in the contest during his junior year and will be a senior next school year. Carpenter had plenty of information to share, but when it came to personal thoughts he kept it simple by saying, “I just love doing this kind of stuff!” He plans to go back to Skills USA next year for welding.

Stacey Hatch, the instructor/coach for the team said, “I was very proud of them and the way they conducted themselves throughout the whole competition. There were certain areas of the competition that they had received no training and didn’t have any experience in. They worked through it and were able to figure it out. Out of the 15 teams competing, they finished ahead of the group during the competition and worked well as a team. You can see the focus and dedication on their faces in some of the pictures. Not only did they work hard, they played hard and experienced some of the local attractions in Atlanta. Skills USA Nationals helped them work as a team and have an experience they will never forget.” The MHS team went on to take fourth place in the nation. He is very proud of them. 

Carpenter competed in Mechatronics, which is located in the category of Skilled and Technical Sciences. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that refers to the skill sets needed in the contemporary, advanced automated manufacturing industry. At the intersection of mechanics, electronics, and computing, mechatronics specialists create simpler, smarter systems. “To put it simply, the field is based on automated manufacturing and repair of equipment,” said Carpenter. The Utah College team was in the same competition and took gold this year. The competition for Mechatronics was sponsored by Festo, who also supplied all the different test equipment they used during the competition.

The contest required contestants to understand the new industrial discipline of “mechatronics,” the ability to understand complex systems that integrate various elements in the mechanical, fluid power, and controls domain, combined with the ability to work in a team environment with people of different areas of expertise. According to Mechatronic specialists must have well developed skills in pneumatic technology, electrical and electronics systems, mechanical systems and general automation techniques and practices, including systematic troubleshooting methods.

The competition consisted of three events designed to measure the skills required in the modern automated manufacturing environment. Contestants were required to assemble, adjust and test an automated machine system, troubleshoot and repair a faulty machine system and take a comprehensive written test. The contest elements have been designed to be as realistic as possible, closely resembling the tasks and activities of modern automation professionals. High school teams of two competed in a construction phase and a troubleshooting phase. In addition, there was an individual oral interview. College/postsecondary teams are required to provide their own programmable logic controller that will be used in the construction phase.

Ethan Hoffmann - Student Intern
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