November 29, 2022
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Morgan sheriff’s department cautions residents to be careful about buying things from unlicensed sellers

Recently a local Morgan social media page linked a story from a local news source about three people who were arrested in Layton. According to another social media post from the Layton Police Department, three people were arrested Saturday, July 30, after trying to sell the police chief fake gold in the Walmart parking lot. “We believe there are more victims in our area. Suspects had European accents and claimed to need [money] to care for their young kids. If you have been a victim of theirs, call 801-497-8300.”

The post that was on the Morgan page, questioned if those who had been arrested were possibly the same group that some people from Morgan had had an encounter with. Three people commented that they had seen or had an encounter with people selling gold items.

One Morgan resident said she was at 7-11 with her kids, and as they were getting into the car, an older well- dressed man came up to her, grabbing her hand. “He said he was from Dubai and asked if I would buy a gold ring in exchange for money for gas. I informed him no and yanked my hand back. He walked to another car. At that point, I told my kids don’t open the door, locked it and I went in and got the manager of 7-11, who called the Morgan Sheriff.”

Sergeant Cory Stark from the Morgan sheriff’s department, was told by the manager, that instead of going to the interstate, the suspicious men were headed into Morgan thinking she saw them pull into Ridleys. Stark pulled into the parking lot and saw a vehicle with the same description that matched the vehicle and the men, sitting in the parking lot. However, as Stark worked his way through the parking lot to get to them, they left the parking lot. After following them for about a block, Stark was able to pull them over for running a stop sign.

Claiming not to speak, the men produced identification showing him that they had a large amount of money. Stark ran the plates through Ohio with everything coming back valid. “Without doing any sale and it being on private property…I couldn’t do anything and at that time, I had to let them go,” commented Stark.  

At this time, Stark is uncertain whether these are the same people that were arrested in Layton, “I heard it was the same people, but I am unsure if it is the same people or not.”

Stark is pretty confident, but can not guarantee that this incident in Morgan is connected to a recent UHP warning about vehicles that appear to be broken down on the side of the road with people selling what appears to be gold jewelry to help with repairs on their vehicles, to later discover it is fake jewelry.

Stark mentioned that situations like this have not been reported in Morgan before; however, he cautions residents to be aware that when they open their door to a door-to-door salesman, to make sure the person is wearing a lanyard showing they are licensed through the city and the county, which says that Morgan County has accepted them to sell;  otherwise, Stark says, “don’t try to buy anything from them and please call the sheriff’s office.

In the past, Stark said when they have been called for people not wearing their credentials from the county, they have found people who have warrants out of other states. “It’s just a good thing that if they don’t have their [credentials], make sure they call us and notify us.”

The resident that was confronted by these men said, “it was a definite learning lesson for my children to watch out for strangers even in our safe town of Morgan.”

Verlene Johnson - Schools Editor
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