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Official 2022 Morgan County Primary Election Results

Official election results were finalized and canvassed July 5 at the Morgan County Commission meeting. This final count of Morgan County election ballots, different from the unofficial election results from that were displayed on the Morgan County website June 28, included the ballots postmarked and sent in the mail on June 27. Of those postmarked on June 27, 28 ballots were added to the final count. Nonpartisan votes equaled 291 and Republican votes equaled 2928.

As explained in the county commission meeting, there were no democrat primaries because there were not any democrats running for positions applicable to Morgan County. Typically, there is a really high voter turnout, but this year it was not as high as it should be, said the presenter.

The final election results are as follows. To note, there were no ties or significant action in which a candidate pulled ahead of the other. Those who succeeded in primaries are still confidently secure in those positions with the finalized results.

Republican for State House District 4 resulted in Kera Birkeland winning with 1,572 votes against Raelene Blocker with 996. Total votes for Birkeland and Blocker equaled 2,618.

Republican for County Commission at Large B gave Blaine Fackrell the win with 1,776 votes as compared to Daniel Belinski with 991 votes. The contest totals equaled 2,928.

Morgan School District #4, with three contestants, showed Kelly Preece victorious with 364 votes, Randi Averett with 79 votes, and Mindy Savage with 179 votes. The total votes casted was 631.

Republicans for U.S. Senate saw Mike Lee take the win with 2,122 votes versus opponents Becky Edwards with 494 votes and Ally Isom with 290. Votes totaled 2,928.

Republican for U.S. House District 1 gave Blake Moore the win with 1,466 votes against Tina Cannon with 460 votes and Andrew Badger with 967 votes. Contest total votes equaled 2,928.

Republican for State Senate District 5 was a relatively tight race with Ann Millner’s 656 votes versus Doug Durbano’s even 500 votes. Total votes for Milner and Durbano was 1,184.

Republican for State House District 8 showed Jason B. Kyle wins with 207 votes with Kimberly Cozzens receiving 87 votes. Total votes equaled 310.

Voter turnout, according to Morgan County, increased a percent from the unofficial results of 43.78% to the final of 44.17%. Republicans, the total registered voters being 4,976, only saw a voter turnout of 58.84%. Registered nonpartisans equaling 2,312, received a turnout of 12.59%. The total ballots cast were 3,219, and the total registered voters are 7,288. These number can also be found at Election results (

Olivia Rees - Government Editor
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