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Residential drug treatment center approved at Morgan County Commission

Reprieve Recovery has been through an arduous process over the course of months and multiple meetings to be approved for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a residential treatment center. There has been a huge turnout of residents in the Mountain Green neighborhood opposing the location more than the facility itself. Superseded by the state law, particularly the Utah Fair Housing Act, the county approved this residential drug treatment facility with certain conditions to help ensure the safety of all. 

The first condition for Reprieve Recovery is to obtain all state required permits and the Utah Department of Human Services prior to operation. Six street parking are provided for the staff and any visitors and no more than eight residents can be housed and treated at any time.

The next condition is for 24-hour supervision to be provided to all residents while physically located within Morgan County. When trips are made outside of Morgan County, the residents are not under the county’s jurisdiction.

Also, Reprieve Recovery will comply with all fire code requirements for a residential facility in the Mountain Green fire protection district.

No registered sex offenders nor violent offenders can be housed at center. A violent offender was defined in depth at the county commission meeting and can be surmised as a person convicted of an offense where a firearm or dangerous weapon was in possession and occurred the use of force against the person in which resulted in the death of or serious bodily injury. Also, if a person has 

or has previously been convicted of a felony crime of violence involving the use or attempted use of force against a person with the intent to cause death or serious bodily harm.

Conditions also state that the residential treatment center will be restricted from housing any person with current illegal use of addiction to or addiction to any federally controlled substance as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act which is 21 code section 802 and further detailed in 21 US code section 812. This restriction is pursued in the Utah Fair Housing Act 57-21-2 subsection 10-b and the Fair Housing Amendments Act which is 42 U S code 3602 subsection H. 

Current county code states that the residential treatment center is limited to eight persons unless amended. If that code is amended, and if the number of residents also complies with Utah Department of Human Services residential treatment rules and regulations, then Reprieve Recovery LLC can increase the number of residents. In that case of increase, Reprieve Recovery would not have to apply for a new CUP.  

The commission approved the Reprieve Recovery Conditional Use Permit for a residential treatment center application based on the findings and with the conditions listed in the staff report. This facility will be located at 5525 West Mountain View Drive.

Applicant Ryan Brown commented, “We are excited to have this part of the process over. We are looking forward to helping people and families heal from the devastating effects of substance abuse in our community.” The next step for Reprieve Recovery is working towards getting Utah State License for Residential Treatment Centers. 

Olivia Rees - Government Editor
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