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School club continues to meet throughout the summer

When most students heard about the new CardBoard club that was started last school year by teachers Michael Ard and Matt Stokes, they thought it was building things out of cardboard. However, that is not the case. The CardBoard Club is a group of students that meet every Thursday to play card and board games; hence the name, CardBoard Club.

Ethan Hoffmann, who is to be next year’s king (president) of the CardBoard thought just because school ended, doesn’t mean the fun has to end. He came up with the idea to continue meeting in the park during the summer. “Thursday was the day we all looked forward to during the year,” said Hoffmann. “I was sad when school was ending and that would mean the end of the CardBoard club. I wanted to keep it going because it became a valued part of my week. I am sure the members would agree. I had the idea that we could do a youth-run summer program. It didn’t have to end after all!”

Five to six members of the club started meeting every other Wednesday at Riverside Park from 1-3 p.m. Because they no longer had access to the game collection at the school, they decided to bring games from home. Eventually, they began to meet when it was convenient for everyone which sometimes was every week. They hope to meet the last two Wednesdays they have left before school starts. Sophomore Derek Little said, “It’s a great way to play the summer away with fun and friends.”

Although he wasn’t able to make it a lot, senior Ethan Christensen said, “I felt invited and included every single time I was able to come.”

Hoffmann is looking forward to growing the CardBoard Club once school starts again. Last school year, there would generally be 10-15 members showing up each week. “I would like to see that extend to 20+ members for next year.” He also said he plans to choose a knight (vice president) to help him run the club next year. Those who are interested in joining this club can get more information during Rush Week which traditionally takes place the first week in September.

Stokes, who became co-advisor with Ard, said the purpose of the CardBoard club is to build lasting friendships from a common interest. At these meetings, values and social skills necessary to have when playing games with each other are briefly discussed. Based on observations made the prior week, the advisors provide varying feedback.

“It’s a place to find friends and learn new games,” Stokes continued. “Members can also build skills in areas like strategy, training/presenting, and communication.” Students have enjoyed being with friends, making new ones, and teaching others the games they are passionate about. Stokes concluded by saying, “My hope is that by joining a club like this, their high school experience is improved and they can build lasting relationships and memories that will be remembered for a long time.”

The MHS CardBoard club is not only looking for new members for next year, they would like to build their game collection. Donations of games that have all the pieces would be greatly appreciated.

Verlene Johnson - Schools Editor
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