November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Semi-driver drives wrong-way down the canyon

Wrong-way driving is happening all too often on Utah roads and Morgan is no exception. Early Sunday morning, July 24, Morgan County Deputies and the Utah Highway Patrol were alerted to a wrong-way driver at 2:23.

According to a social media post by Morgan County and Fire EMS, a caller saw a white semi-truck pulling a trailer entering the freeway at the Morgan interchange at mile marker 103 traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes. Another caller saw the semi driving into oncoming traffic at MM 99 in the fast lane. An additional caller stated they were at MM 96 and a semi passed them going the wrong way in the EB lanes with the semi in the fast lane and was now entering Weber Canyon still going the wrong way. 

When deputies caught up with the semi, they attempted to stop the truck; however, the driver failed to yield. The semi continued traveling through Weber Canyon the wrong direction before finally slowing to a stop at MM 89. Morgan County Fire and EMS and Weber Fire District were dispatched to the scene as a precaution. 

According to UHP Officer Cameron Roden, After the driver was stopped, the officers investigating the incident felt he was impaired and was arrested and charged with DUI.

“This ended without harm, but all too often it ends in tragedy! Wrong-way driving accidents typically cause head-on collisions,” Morgan Fire’s stated on their Facebook page.

The Utah Highway Patrol encourages drivers to avoid all distractions while driving. However, they offered three specific pieces of advice in how to stay safe in the event you encounter a wrong-way driver.

First, troopers encourage drivers to maintain a high visual horizon. That means looking far ahead, rather than focusing on nearby items like car bumpers. 

Second, troopers acknowledge there’s some level of safety when you remain in the right lane as much as possible. It won’t always prevent a crash, but the odds are in your favor because most wrong-way crashes happen in the left lane.

Lastly, troopers encourage drivers to do more than just slam on the brakes if they see a wrong-way driver approaching. It can be a gut instinct but it’s vital to pull off to the right and get out of the way.

Morgan County Fire wants to remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Verlene Johnson
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