November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Special Olympians compete in Salt Lake

Seven special Olympians traveled to Granger High in Salt Lake Saturday, May 21st, to compete in the Special Olympics Track Meet.

19 year old Hailey Reed competed in three different events. The 100 yard dash, where she received a silver medal, the softball throw, where she received a gold medal, and the 200 yard dash, where she received another gold medal. Hailey gained plenty of track experience this year from watching the Morgan High track team on the sidelines as their track manager. David Reed, Hailey’s dad said of the event, “As a parent it’s not how many medals they win or don’t win but the support they get from the volunteers and the cheering fans give each athlete. Regardless of if it’s a child’s event or not, the loudest cheers come as the last athlete crosses the finish line.” Morgan was represented well by Hailey and other special Olympians’! 

Cait Streadbeck
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