November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Tanker carrying hazardous material overturns on I-84

A tanker carrying hazardous material caused traffic to be backed up for nearly two miles on I-84, Tuesday, Aug. 9. Just after 3:30 in the afternoon, a smaller secondary semi-trailer also known as a pup trailer, detached from the main semi-trailer while traveling on the bridge over Weber River westbound, near MM 90, just past the Morgan line. It slid into the Jersey wall, rolled and almost overtopped it, according to the Mountain Green Fire Protection District.
Their social media post stated, “Mountain Green Engine131 and Chief131 arrived and assessed the trailer. Placards identified the product as a “hot” liquid commodity, and we found hot tar leaking from the top (now side) loading hatch and a broken valve that was not accessible. The semi-driver confirmed it was tar. Weber Engine 64 arrived and assumed command as Mountain Green firefighters quickly began building a dam around the running hot tar. HazMat61 from Weber responded with additional equipment, and Riverdale Heavy Rescue 41 responded to assist as well.

“While firefighters stood by in case of a product release and ignition (tar temperature was about 200 degrees), Stauffers Towing uprighted the 34,000-pound trailer and hauled it away. HazMat Company responded to help with the tar spill (estimated 50 gallons of the 3400 gallons on board spilled).

Luckily it was a HazMat that was not volatile, and no one was injured.
“After departing this incident,” the post continues. “We were dispatched to a sick person in the long backup westbound. The person, who was assessed by our firefighters, refused further service. Units were out about 3 hours total on these two incidents.”

Verlene Johnson - Schools Editor
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