November 29, 2022
101 North Commercial Street Morgan, Utah 84050

Cait Streadbeck/Sports Editor

High school has the opportunity where anyone from anywhere can shine in whatever their passion might be. Some hold the hopes of carrying on that passion into the next chapter of their lives, college, but rarely have the opportunity to do so. Luckily for three teens in Morgan, Catie Wilkins, Caylie Niederhauser and Cassidie Poll, they’ve managed to make their passion a reality for the next four years at different colleges in the nation. 

Catie Wilkins has been moving her entire life. Growing up, tumbling had always come easy to her. When she began cheering her junior year of high school her skills only improved and excelled. “I was never satisfied though,” Catie mentions, “I just wanted to get better and better.” When senior year was nearing a close, Catie knew she wasn’t done with her Cheerleading career. Looking into different colleges, Baylor University caught her eye. “I chose Baylor for the amazing education and at the time, six national championship titled teams. It was such an amazing opportunity to even be considered as a possible athlete for the school in the recruiting process.” With one year at Baylor University already under her belt, Catie is thriving and enjoying every minute. “I have become who I was always meant to become.”

With the example of small-town Catie going out and conquering the big world fresh on everyone’s mind, Cayli Niederhauser wanted to do more with her life as well. “I always love a good challenge and cheer is full of them. There is always a harder stunt you can hit, a more difficult tumbling pass you can throw, and as I’ve learned in the past few years, you can always be sharper. I love the challenge and sense of accomplishment that I get through cheer,” Catie explains, “The relationships you build with your team, cheering on various sport teams throughout the school year and being involved with the school always pushes me to become better and stronger mentally and physically.” Cayli tried out for the nationally acclaimed Weber State Cheer team this Spring and made it. She will no doubt do amazing things in the next four years. 

Cassidie Poll started dancing and tumbling at a very young age. Joining an all-star team in 6th grade helped increase her skill-level so that she was able to make the MHS Cheer team her freshman year in Highschool. “I have always loved sports and being a part of a team with involvement in the community. Morgan sports has been a perfect way to do that,” Cassidie shares. Cassidie wanted to further her education while also continuing in the sport she loves, Cheerleading. Searching for schools around the nation, she found Drury University. A private D2 school in Springfield Missouri. “I signed to Drury University for their sport stunt and will also be studying exercise psychology. I chose Drury because I felt like it would be the best experience for me. I know it’s going to help me grow so much being away from home and having to study for school and be a part of a college sport.” Cassidie is going to do great things in Missouri that will continue into the rest of her life. 

Cheerleading has taught these girls to learn, serve a community, and maintain a good reputation. They will take Morgan’s small-hometown values and share them with the rest of the world. Gooooooo Morgan!

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